Film-Forming Amines Technology


What are filming amines?

Filming-amines based chemicals for water treatment are organic blends of film-forming amines, neutralizing amines and polymers, used in the industrial field to fight corrosion and scale accumulation inside steam generators, boilers, closed loops or cooling systems.

Filming amines (polyamines) technology represents an alternative  to conventional water treatment methods, a feasible and more environmentally friendly hydrazine substitute. It consists of series of organic, surface-active corrosion and scale inhibitors continuously dosed in the feed water, having the unique ability of forming a a microscopic, hydrophobic film on all the metallic surfaces thorough out the whole system – a homogeneous barrier between water and pipes. The active polyamines contained in the formulations are naturally connecting to loose nitrogen atoms present in the metal. This prevents oxygen to attack the metallic surfaces, while at the same time improving the heat transfer. And since the amines are volatile, they protect the whole system, not only the area where the oxygen scavenger is injected.

Using our unique FINEAMIN® solution, we replace toxic hydrazine and phosphates, which are toxic for the people who work with those substances and not environmentally friendly.


About the FINEAMIN® brand

FINEAMIN® products are continuously developed based on a 30 years research and experience in organic industrial water treatment. For the last 15 years, our products have been sold worldwide under the Swiss FINEAMIN® brand.

Superior in quality and formulation to usual FFA programs, FINEAMIN® water treatment chemicals are highly-efficient, proprietary substances combining film-forming amines, neutralizing amines and polymers, as well as other harmless components.

polyamines water treatment technology

Before FINEAMIN® polyamines

After using FINEAMIN®

FINEAMIN® water treatment mechanism

FINEAMIN® chemicals are special polyamines and polymers mixtures, developed based on a high-end  SWISS formula and delivered as “all-in-one” products that prevent the formation of deposits and fight against corrosion inside steam generators, cooling towers and district heating systems. The main role in each FINEAMIN® blend is held by the hydrophobic, surface active, film-forming amines. These, along with polycarboxylates meant to disperse new and existing deposits and alkalizing, volatile amines, travel through the whole system building a monomolecular barrier between water and metal surfaces.

These components found in FINEAMIN® organic water treatment chemicals provide optimum protection and passivation of all ferous and non-ferous metal surfaces along the water-steam- condensate cycle.  They decompose and act inside systems highly related to the vairous temperatures along the circuit:

  • pH control in feed water, boiler water and condensate by means of Neutralizing Amines;
  • Corrosion protection of the feed tank, the boiler and the condensate lines by means of Film Forming Amines;
  • Dispersion of scale-forming salts by using Polymers.

Each FINEAMIN® blend is a multifunctional corrosion and scale inhibitor meant to clean and protect. Through the affinity of the special polyamines of FINEAMIN®, a metal surface  is isolated by means of the hydrophobic layer. NO new deposits! NO contact with residual oxygen.

Different from usual amines water treatment program, the polyamines from FINEAMIN® products adhere differently to the metal surface. Due to the existence of a large number of amino groups in the mixture, the bonding to the metal surface takes place in various points and it is obviously extremely strong. The carbon chains are directed mostly horizontal and so they allow a better cohesive protection.

The protective film that results is stable and continuous and offers a good protection against corrosion. Calcium and iron salts that usually are cleaned by purging, are easily cleaned on-line with FINEAMIN®. The film prevents, for example, the development of calcium carbonate crystals, especially in heat transfer areas, by keeping the contaminants suspended in order to help the other FINEAMIN® components to disperse them.

filming amines corrosion inhibitor film formed on metal pipes

FINEAMIN® products do not need oxygen scavenger to protect the water circuits. They fully protect the system against dissolved oxygen corrosion and residual salts in boiler systems equipped with thermal deaerator and are efficient for cooling towers, as part of a more complex cooling systems treatment program. Oxygen measurement is not needed anymore.

For the peace of mind of our clients, we do have products that contain a small quantity of organic oxygen scavenger, upon request.

Polyamines technology benefits

Compared to old ways of water treatment, polyamines improve greatly the operational process in any facility, especially in steam generators plants, by reducing the overall costs of production and functioning while keeping a safe working environment. For more a more detailed description of the benefits obtained by using SWISS film-forming amines, please read: FINEAMIN advantages.

Easy dosage and handling

One dosage point, using the same equipment as for the previous, conventional water treatment chemicals.

Full water-steam cycle protection

Polyamines dual mode of action manifested, on one side, through the adsorption on the metal surface, while neutralizing water contaminants, on the other side, protects effectively the entire steam generating system.

Reduced Operational Costs

Maintenance costs decrease as the film formed on the pipes protects against corrosion, preventing breakage and leaks. By acting on the magnetite layer, the heat transfer is improved, reducing excess energy consumption. Blowdown is also reduced, resulting in lower water consumption.

Environment Friendly Chemistry

70%-80% biodegradable, being compliant with international guidelines on environmental safety.


The polyamines water treatment program is extremely convenient, simplifying the operation by replacing multiple chemicals with only one film-forming product.

Durable Reliability & Availability

Fast dosing along with ability of building a protective barrier on the pipes gives long term reliability. Amines travel throughout the water and return with the steam. Continuous protection, less shutdowns.