Alkaline Boiling Out with FINEAMIN


Boiling out for new & old boilers

FINEAMIN® products represent a greener alternative, but with the same metal passivation properties, to the conventional boiling out procedure using caustic soda, sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate. The boiler water is strongly alkalized in such way that the manufacturing residues, grease, shavings, loose tinder and dirt and/or other impurities (e.g.: iron oxides) are removed from the metal surface while slowing down any corrosive reactions.

But compared to traditionally used products, the effect of the  alkalizing amines found in FINEAMIN® chemicals are highly improved by a strong dispersing effect on the impurities due to the additional content of polymers. All dispersed impurities can easily be removed from the boiler by blowdown.

Furthermore, the most important feature of FINEAMIN®product is the formation of the protective polyamine layer on all surfaces inside the boiler during boiling out. This protective layer enables corrosion prevention for the whole period between boiling out the boiler and its normal operation startup.

metal passivation with polyamines

Advantages over the old, custom methods

  • Stronger cleaning effect due to the combination of surface active polyamines and dispersing polymers.
  • Can be done simultaneously with the drying of the brickwork.
  • No more risky chemicals (e.g.: caustic soda) that could endanger the plant.
  • Easy handling. No special protection equipment needed (just the usual googles and gloves).
  • Helps in reaching steam purity faster due to shorter blowout procedure.
  • OEM-compliant, respecting specifications of boilers & turbines manufacturers.
  • Film-forming capacities of the polyamines, that improve the quality of the magnetite layer.
  • Has less impact on the environment on disposal. Up to 80% biodegradable.
  • Involves no special regulations for products storage.

The boiling out procedure

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organic amines boiler boiling out

Download Full Instructions For Boiling out with FINEAMIN 15

For precise instructions and dosage on boiling out and blow out using film-forming polyamines, please download the following pdf: boiler boiling out using film-forming amines procedure.