Water Analyses Reagents to determine filming amines excess.

Filming amines are industrial additives which, when fed continuously into the boiler feedwater, protect metal surfaces against corrosion and deposits by forming a thin and homogeneous film inside the system. They react as a barrier that repels the potentially corrosive dissolved oxygen, carbon dioxide and water carryover.

A correct measurement of the filming amines excess in the system ensures their uninterrupted presence and protection of the whole water-steam-condensate cycle. With this in mind, FINEAMIN Reagents for water analysis are high-sensibility testing agents that offer the easiest way possible to monitor water treatment and determine the polyamines excess by means of a spectrophotometer.

Setting up your Spectrophotometer | Calibration curve | Filming amines excess testing instructions


For more information, please download:

FINEAMIN Polyamin Reagent 1: MSDS | TDS

FINEAMIN Polyamin Reagent 2: MSDS | TDS